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Daydreams Angel Trumpets

Angel Trumpet Daydreams blooming wonderfully for me on March 10th, 2014.

DayDreams on a sunny early March morning, after the rain.

Day Dreams angel trumpet, DayDreams bloodline is Fandango X Rubirosa, created in 2004 and released by Monika Gottschalk in 2005.

Day Dreams brugmansia. German cultivar created by Monika Gottschalk, seedling parent Shirley Morr.

Brugmansia Daydreams cultivar opening in mid December. If you've read any of my pages, you'd note that I try to garden organically as much as I possibly can, hence the holes in leaves by a crossing hawkmoth caterpillar. The plant is large enough to handle it, so she stays. Those of you with smaller brugmansia cannot tolerate this munching, so pick them off if they happen. They eat quick and fast! :)

Brugmansia Day Dreams has a broad, dark green leaf that sometimes shapes a bit heart-like. The leaf is smooth to the touch.

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