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Dalai Lama brugmansia has large and open blooms, with fat stamens loaded with pollen. This is a 6-toothed flower, something I find a lot on Dalai Lama, due to his mother, Jacayna, who is always a 6 pointer.

Brugmansia Dalai Lama has a strong concentrated scent of marzipan

Dalai Lama really coloring up beautifully in Mid-October 2013

Another angle of the same two trumpet flowers as above

Closeup of Angel Trumpet Dalai Lama blooms

Brugmansia Dali Lama on the last day of March, 2013

Angels trumpet Dalai Lama is the creation of Liz Fichtl, a cross between Jacayna X The Chief. These flowers are as large as a dinner plate.

Angels trumpet Dalai Lama is one of my top ten favorite blooms. The colors are rich and intensely bright

Brugmansia Dalai Lama blooms year round in subtropical and tropical climates.

Angel Trumpet Dalai Lama is a medium sized brugmansia, reaching heights of 6 to 8 feet in 1 to 2 years.

If container grown, brugmansia Dalai Lama can easily stay within the 6 foot height range

Brugmansia Dalai Lama is a must have for any true collector. The breeding background with The Chief, plus the pollen rich stamens give it immense hybridizing appeal.

The leaf of Dalai Lama has a mild tooth to the edge, is smooth, and has a slight leathery feel to the touch.

You can order Dalai Lama Here. Residents of the states of Alabama, California, Louisiana, Texas and Oregon read this first: Your States Agricultural Protocols.

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