Mango Crush


Mango Crush is a very pretty bloom.

Closeup of a Mango Crush flower

Brugmansia Mango Crush is a Susie French creation. This is one of the bigger angel trumpets, only making it's Y after vigorous juvenile growth of the trunk. This results in a tall tree, with branches over your head, as well as loads of the blooms swaying on the breeze. Can reach 20 feet if in ground, after several years of proper care.

Brugmansia Mango Crush gives the grower every possible color option when added to their collection

Mango Crush smells very strongly. To my nose, it is a fruity vanilla fragrance.

Brugmansia Mango Crush is the only angels trumpet I have seen that colors up in this way

Melony tones make angels trumpet Mango Crush highly desirable

Mango Crush Angel Trumpet

Brugmansia Mango Crush is parented by L'Amour X Rosamond, and published in 2004.

mango Crush Brugmansia always displays limey green leaves, that are shiny and glossy.

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