Kleine Lady Gallery

Kleine Lady putting out a small flush in early March, 2014

Brugmansia Kleine Lady on first day of open bloom. Teeth are downwards because I have been keeping the bloom covered in an organza bag to protect the pollen.

Another angle of Kleine Lady, same bloom as above

If you are serious at all about collecting brugmansia, Kleine Lady is a must have. I love this brug

Brugmansia Kleine Lady is parented by Tiara X unk 'suarea' Hybridizer: Herta Blin. Cubensis bloodline. Published in 2000.

Brugmansia Kleine Lady.

Here is Brugmansia Kleine Lady in the early morning of mid January

A small flush on the same morning.

Kleine Lady is so elegant, with the long neck and the way the calyx stays tight and long to her, fitting like a lady's glove. Beautiful form. A great brugmansia to have in any collection, to be sure.

Kleine Lady Angel Trumpet starts out white, as seen above, and as the flower ages over a day or so, becomes a lovely color of peach, at least in my hardiness zone, 10A.

The leaf of Kleine Lady is moderately toothed, and has a slight leathery feel to the touch.

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