Pink Perfektion


Pink Perfektion in alll his glory. Wow, what a bloom!

Brugmansia Pink Perfektion certainly lives up to it's name.

Beautiful Angel Trumpet Pink Perfektion. This and the above two shots taken on March 12, 2014.

Brugmansia Pink Perfektion on a warm March afternoon.

Pink Perfektion brugmansia is a European cultivar created by Anne Kirchner Abel, and is of unknown parentage. Published in 2002. It colors up from pink to salmon, depending upon the temperatures

Pink Perfektion in early March, 2014

Brugmansia Pink Perfektion on December day. The blooms smell strongly of watermelon.

The leaf of Pink Perfektion is a bright to deep green, and slightly leathery to the touch.

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