Rosalla Gallery

Angel Trumpet Rosalla bloom on a 6 inch plant I have for Sale. This brugmansia blooms faster than any others I have. Photo taken early March, 2014.

Brugmansia Rosalla, although not shown in this photo, colors up quite dark, almost into red. Parentage is unknown, but hybridizer is Anna Kirchner Abel. Published in 2002.

Brugmansia Rosalla showing a peachy hue this fine day.

Rosalla on a first full day of an open bloom, but she hasn't colored up yet. She will do that tomorrow. But perfect bloom shape and placement of teeth are really what makes Rosalla such a winner. Scent verys trong on this brugmansia, of lemon bloom.

Rosalla often throws a double too. A very elegant flower indeed.

Rosalla bloom just opened March 4th, 2014. Should color up better tomorrow.

Rosalla, same day, different angle

The leaves of Rosalla are beautifully toothed, and slightly furry.

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