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Brugmansia Santa Rosa is also among my favorite angel trumpets. Large mouthed blooms with sweetly scented flowers come along in flushes all year round in subtropical and tropical climates.

Brugmansia Santa Rosa was created by J. T. Sessions. He named it Santa Rosa after a county in Florida. Published in 2005.

Brugmansia Santa Rosa is a large brugmansia. In ground, it can reach well over your head in as little as 2 years. This is beautiful to walk under, seeing the blooms swaying in the light winds.

Angels trumpet Santa Rosa was parented by Pink Beauty X Ecuador Pink

Angels trumpet Santa Rosa has blooms with the scent of strong baby powder. The yellow bloom is the newest, and has streaked because of a sharp temperature change due to rains. Read more about this below.

Brugmansia Santa Rosa colors up with assorted shades of yellowish, creamy to pink and dark pink blooms, depending upon the temperatures.
This is the bloom opening for the first time at night. In the morning, it will begin to flush pink, and within 4 days, reach it's ultimate deeper pink coloration. Brugmansia flowers are all like that :)

Santa Rosa Brugmansia has a large, soft, smooth, glossy leaf that is deep green in coloration.

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