Ecuador Pink


Ecuador Pink on a bright sunny morning, 2014.

Angel Trumpet Ecuador Pink on a cool November morning

A lovely spray of fresh picked Angels Ecuador Pink. The blooms don't last but 10 minutes after being picked, so sad.

Ecuador Pink ANgel Trumpet blooms on October 10th, 2013.

Best left to admire on the tree, Ecuador Pink brugmansia shining in the morning sun

Long teeth and long blooms are admirable in Ecuador Pink Angel Trumpet

Ecuador Pink brugmansia

Ecuador Pink Angel trumpet end of November, 2013. The white blooms will darken to rosy pink in the morning, while the pink bloom will be even darker.

The leaf of Ecuador Pink is large, a bit oblong in shape, and smooth to the touch, with a slight leathery feel. Released in 1992 by Logees Nursery.

You can order Ecuador Pink Here. Residents of the states of Alabama, California, Louisiana, Texas and Oregon read this first: Your States Agricultural Protocols.

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